By using functional accessories, the possibilities of the drying rack can easily be expanded.

Shoe/glove hangers make it easier to dry socks, shoes and gloves. The optional Pivo shelf easily increases your storage space. It can be used as a drying or hanger rack or to dry more delicate textiles. See below for accessories suitable for REJ Design towel rails.

REJ Design hot water heated towel rails can be flush- or surface-mounted. REJ Design products are compatible with original Oras couplings and other same type of couplings (R 3/4″ male thread, 45 mm from the wall to the outer surface of the thread). Water couplings are not included in the towel rail package, but they can also be delivered with the drying rack upon request.

We always recommend using an HVAC professional to install water heated drying racks. Usually, professional installers have chrome water couplings as standard. When ordering white or customised special colour towel rails, we highly recommend ordering the water couplings with the same finish together with the towel dryer.