A heated drying rack to match your preferences – customised dimensions and colours

If you want a unique product, your room is difficult to furnish, our model range does not have a model to match your preferences, or you are planning to renovate your house and want to replace the flat panel radiator in your bathroom with a drying radiator, the solution is a drying rack customised according to your preferences. Every year, REJ Design manufactures hundreds of customised water heated drying racks to order. You should also keep different colour options in mind. At the moment, the... Read more

Summer dries what summer waters – or does it?

Finnish summer holiday activities include a lot of spending time outdoors, sports, going for a swim and to the sauna. There is plenty of towels to dry. A heated towel rail is a very practical help at summer cottages and holiday homes. Rain is no stranger during the Finnish summer, but often, the sun and the fresh breeze quickly dry up any traces of rain. However, this is not always enough. In Finland, the humidity may be so high that everything seems to dry very... Read more

A cleaner’s friend

Nobody likes cleaning, but everybody loves a clean home. A warm towel rack makes daily cleaning a little easier. Where do all the dust, stains and breadcrumbs come from, all the time? No matter how tidy you try to be, you need to wipe different surfaces many times a day. Unfortunately, a heated towel rail will not do this for you – but it does make your everyday life a little easier. Where can you place a moist cloth after dusting and cleaning a table... Read more

Everyday help

Parents of children with many hobbies need all the help they can get. This can also come in the form of a towel warmer. Head to the supermarket after a day at the office, get home, and then take your children to football or hockey practice. Check you’ve got everything you need, put your exercise gear in a bag and go. While your children are practising, you work out at the gym. After a couple of hours, you get back home and start cooking. At... Read more