PIVO 40 accessory


Movable optional shelf for REJ Design drying racks, made in Finland. Chrome-plated.

HVAC-code PIVO 40 chrome: 5488267

Accessories ordered together with a towel dryer painted white or in a special RAL colour can be delivered in a tone identical to that of the drying rack.

PIVO HYL 40 is suitable for REJ Design Tango BTH 40807/40807 top and Tango BTH 40788 top dryer models.
Outer dimensions of the PIVO HYL 40 rack: depth 25 cm × width 43 cm.

By using accessories, you can expand the towel dryer capacity and applications. The Pivo shelf can also be used to store dry towels, to dry more delicate textiles on hangers or as an additional drying rack.
It also helps you to dry shoes, gloves and caps.

Total width (mm): 480