Tango BTH 35744 top

Surface treatment options: chrome/white/RAL
HVAC number: chrome 5488247/white 5488246
Number of horizontal bars: 4
Calculated power, W, domestic water supply +65/55/22 °C: chrome 65 W / white 89 W
Total width (mm): 420
Total height (mm): 740
Total distance from the wall (mm): 99
Connection distance from the centre of outputs to the centre (mm): 350
Connection method: Top connection (from upper feet)
Suitability: domestic hot water/heating system
More information:

Top connection (from uppper feet). Model specifically suitable for renovated sites where water pipes are located in the ceiling. The minimum water flow to the towel dryer must be 25 l/h.

Accessories: PIVO 35 accessory Shoe/glove hanger pair Surface-mounted coupling pair RAL special colours