Tango EH 35744 L/T, R/B

Surface treatment options: chrome/white/RAL
HVAC number: chrome 5280082/white 5280083
Electric number: 8134030
Number of horizontal bars: 4
Electric resistance: 40 W/230V
Total width (mm): 395
Total height (mm): 740
Total distance from the wall (mm): 99
Handedness: left top/right bottom (towel dryer can be turned the other way around)
Suitability: power network
Protection class: IP44
More information:

Standard power cord 1.3 m; also available with a 4 m power cord. The cord comes from behind the mounting foot or from the side. The power cord can be cut to length at a separate charge. Ask our customer service for more information.
The towel dryer has an unobtrusive rocker switch with a signal light at the top of the left-hand vertical bar, in the same corner as the electric connection. The drying rack can be turned the other way around, then the electric connection is in the right-bottom corner and the power switch is at the bottom of the right-hand vertical bar.

Low energy consumption.

Accessories: PIVO 35 accessory Shoe/glove hanger pair RAL special colours