Summer dries what summer waters – or does it?

Finnish summer holiday activities include a lot of spending time outdoors, sports, going for a swim and to the sauna. There is plenty of towels to dry. A heated towel rail is a very practical help at summer cottages and holiday homes.

Rain is no stranger during the Finnish summer, but often, the sun and the fresh breeze quickly dry up any traces of rain. However, this is not always enough. In Finland, the humidity may be so high that everything seems to dry very slowly. If you are planning to build or renovate a holiday home, keep this in mind. Think of how handy it is to place your wet towel, outdoor clothes or swimwear on a warm drying rack to dry. You don’t need to worry about the weather and rush to take in your laundry from the clothesline outside if it starts to rain. Thick towels, which come in handy at the beach, usually take a lot of time to dry if the humidity is high. Towels that dry out slowly tend to lose their freshness very fast.Tango BTH 351310 musta -miljöökuva kph

Moisture remains in the dressing room of a summer sauna after you have used it. Towels and bathrobes are still damp when you leave them in a wet or humid room. They often feel fusty and damp, even the next morning when you go for your morning swim. A towel warmer will quickly dry your towels and bathrobes. What would be nicer than wrapping yourself in a warm bathrobe after a cool morning swim. If shiny chrome finish seems too modern, a simple and timeless drying rack that matches the tone of the wall is ideal for dressing rooms in summer saunas or holiday homes.

Your clothes and gear easily get wet in outdoor activities, when you are gardening or washing your car. You need a dry towel and a drying cloth after filleting a fish. If your indoor storage space or cleaning cupboard has an electric socket, installing an electric towel rail is really easy. A drying rack dries your towels and gear quickly for the next use. You can disconnect or switch off an electric drying rack if you do have use for it during off season.