A red thread in interior design

REJ Design’s heated towel rails have been blending in with the interior design styles and trends of different eras for more than 65 years now. They can be found in homes that represent retro, rustic, functional as well as modern and Scandinavian design. Nowadays, a towel dryer is an essential feature of any modern bathroom, and a thoughtfully designed heated towel rail is a functional and elegant part of a home’s decor.

A decorator’s dream

Colour is an essential element of interior design. Different colours are used to create contrast and to echo the rest of the decor’s colour scheme.

Nowadays, black is an increasingly popular choice for heated towel rails. You can create a touch of contrast by opting for accessories in different colours. Alternatively, for an end result that is as inconspicuous as possible, a heated towel rail can be finished in a tone that matches the background wall, for example, in a hallway. A gold towel rail is a real showstopper.

“Even mundane tasks are much nicer when you can find a solution that is pleasing even to an aesthete,” says one satisfied customer.


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