Finnish quality products handcrafted with care and skill

Finnish REJ Design has been making functional designer towel rails that make life easier since 1955. We are an innovative expert in the industry and the clear market leader in Finland. We make all of our heated towel rails by hand at our plant in Järvenpää. We use completely recyclable, high-quality copper, which has excellent thermal conductivity, as our manufacturing material.

Finnish recognition

Since the very beginning, the company’s Finnish origins have been the foundation for its operations. Respected Finnish designers have contributed to the design of the company’s water-heated and electric towel rails, which are handcrafted in Finland. The products’ high-quality recyclable copper is supplied by the Finnish company Cupori.

In recognition of the company’s work in Finland, REJ was awarded the Finnish Key Flag symbol in March 1997. The Key Flag symbol is awarded to products that are produced in Finland and have a domestic content of at least 50 per cent. Thanks to the transparency, openness and sustainability of REJ Design’s entire production chain, the company was additionally awarded the right to use the Design from Finland mark in May 2015. It is proof of a product that was designed with a focus on professionalism, sustainability and user-friendliness.

Finland’s most popular

The company’s operations have been growing steadily for more than 65 years. REJ Design today employs dozens of experts and skilled craftsmen in Järvenpää. Our factory on Yrittäjäkatu is familiar to the local residents, and the local market square proudly boasts of the city’s pioneering developer of heated rails.

Nowadays, REJ Design is the market leader in Finland in water-heated and electric towel rails. The company’s territorial conquest has also begun in other Nordic countries, where the REJ Design brand has been welcomed with open arms. It has been a long and winding journey. We have focussed our efforts on finding our own path, but with one constant: uncompromising quality and Finnish craftsmanship.

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