REJ Design – Finnish quality and warmth

Wrapping yourself in a fresh, warm towel after a shower or bath adds a bit of luxury to the everyday. However, a towel dryer can also be used for other drying needs. The Finnish climate requires a lot of dressing: there are always wet outdoor clothes, shoes and equipment, and laundry. Drying them using a hot water heated or electric drying rack saves space and is quick and easy. A heated towel rail also gives additional warmth to the room, improves the quality of indoor air, reduces humidity and helps to prevent mould and water damage.

REJ Design heated drying racks can be installed in new and renovated sites, in bathrooms, dressing rooms, utility and laundry rooms, halls and exercise rooms. A high-quality towel rail with a timeless design is practical and a stylish part of interior design.

All REJ Design drying racks are hand-made in Finland using high-quality copper and over 60 years of experience. We only use the best materials in our products, which means that they are suitable for both domestic hot water supply and heating systems. Our product range also includes a wide variety of electric towel rails.

REJ Design towel warmers are designed together with leading industrial designers. Our products combine traditional Finnish craftsmanship with modern design and timeless aesthetics. Our product development has always been based on high quality, functionality, comfort, beauty and innovative solutions.