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REJ Design is a Finnish, reliable and sustainable choice for your home. For more than 65 years, our passion has been to make by hand electric and water dryers for towels, laundry, clothes and for drying room air. Functional and aesthetic Finnish design ensures that our handmade towel rails add value to your everyday life in a timelessly elegant and practcal way.


Happiness comes from the inviting warmth of your home and having your favourite clothes on, clean and dry. Happiness is a heated towel rail that matches your decor and is a red thread in your home’s interior design. The timeless and classic designs of REJ Design’s heated towel rails suit every home and a wide range of uses. A heated rail made from high-quality copper is an essential feature of today’s homes.

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Heated towel rail product catalogues

it is our passion to create sustainable, beautiful and enduring design for increasingly functional homes. To give families, everyday life, hobbies and you more time. In the water-heated and electric towel rail product catalogues you can find the available models and more detailed information on each product.


REJ Design Showroom

Handcrafted Finnish heated towel rails are on display at Kylpyhuonekeskus in the centre of Helsinki.

REJ Design Showroom