An everyday saviour for families

For many families, the week is scheduled practically down to the minute according to everyone’s activities. At the end of the day, there are piles of sand-covered coveralls and sweaty sports equipment scattered all over the hallway floor. Sound familiar?

After the workday, it is a trip to the grocery store, then home and to the kids’ football or hockey practice. A quick check of the sports gear, your own workout clothes chucked into your gym bag and you’re off! During the kids’ practice, you hit the gym for a workout. After a couple of hours, it is back home and time to make dinner. But before then, the sweaty practice gear and workout clothes need to be taken care of.

As much additional help as possible is needed to make it through the daily grind of children’s activities and especially parents’ day-to-day routines. That help might be simpler than you think: a heated towel rail.

Just throw the clothes on the rails, hang the sports gear on the rail’s hooks and arrange the shoes on the shelves. And if you forget them until the next day, no worries. They will dry on their own until you have time to do a load of laundry. The clothes can then be conveniently tossed into the machine from the rail and dry shoes and gear transferred to the closet until the next time they are needed.

A solution that fits every space

There are many good places in the home for a heated towel rail. Besides bathrooms and shower rooms, they can be installed in a hallway, utility room, vestibule and even a broom closet. Sweaty workout gear can also be dried on a heated rail in a storage room, thus freeing up space in the hallway. And more than one heated rail can be installed in shower rooms, especially if there are several users.

REJ Design’s heated rails come in many sizes and colours. The tall and narrow Tango rail can fit in a small bathroom, while a shorter heated rail fits perfectly, for instance, above the washing machine. Removable hooks and shelves conveniently lend additional drying space. The crossbars of the removable shelf can even be used to hang and dry gently folded linens from clothespins.


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