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Interesting small Finnish companies – Rej Design

My mother used to keep towels dry in an airing cupboard in London. Basically the heat oozing from a badly insulated hot water boiler was used to keep them dry in a very damp bathroom!

But a much better system was discovered 62 years ago by 3 Finnish brothers, Rudolf, Elias and John Nygård, whose first names make up the company name REJ Design. The company molds and welds thick Finnish copper pipes, coated with durable chrome, into beautiful and long-lasting towel rails.

The rails are can be heated using a household hot water system or by electricity.

The company is fascinating because they have less than 20 employees and produce thousands of differently designed rails every month in a small automated work-shop just outside Helsinki. Even though they are tiny, they have achieved a significant market share in Finland where they sell through construction companies and the big retailers. They have also started to exporting to Sweden, Norway and a few other countries where quality long lasting products are appreciated.

High quality, great designs and deliveries always made on time are the reasons they have dominated the market for so long in the face of cheaper copies that use stainless steel. And there is another reason – they have been using leading industrial designers to integrate traditional Finnish craftsmanship into unique products.

Modern towels are often thick and getting them dry takes a long time, and who wants to use a damp towel? A heated towel rail is a lot handier than my mother’s airing cupboard…